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Estrella Activation

Estrella Tunes in the Dunes


For the first year of Estrella at Tunes in the Dunes, they wanted to make it something special. We've gone through lots of conceptual ideas, but what was the most important key information is that they wanted to highlight that the Estrella brand supports recycling. Especially at a music festival where people buy a lot of drinks, Estrella wanted to help make recycling and keeping the beautiful beach of Cornwall clean.

That's when we came up with the idea of the giant Estrella (which means star in Spanish) star, which is found in their logo, as a recycling bin. This star was standing at the middle of the Estrella designated area and was encouraged by festival staffers to fill it in with empty Estrella cans.


Not only did it make recycling more enjoyable, it was also a community art piece that was filled up so quickly, it had to be transferred to a commercial recycling bin numerous times during the festival.

It was a successful activation that painted Estrella in a positive light and also help kept the environment clean. 

Other supporting materials


Designs for bar staff t-shirts in the Estrella brand red color, adverts and banners for their social media channels and local Cornish radio sites.

Estrella Activation
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