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Alcatel Gifting

Alcatel​ Gifting

Ahead of Alcatel's release of two new handsets, Alcatel 3X and 3V, they wanted to send a press-kit to journalists and bloggers to get them to talk about the new product.

After careful market insight research and each phone's technical specs, we came up with a few creative routes fitting assigned budget for each handset based on the information gathered.

The 3V features much bigger screen, perfect for watching content on the go. The winning idea was a box shaped like a film clap-bar, once opened reveals product information shaped like a cinema ticket and branded popcorn for the ultimate watching experience.

The client has fed back that they want to send chocolates with the 3X handset, so we have designed a premium bon-bon chocolate box with the Alcatel logo engraved on top of the box. When opening the box, the 3X sits in the middle, surrounded by branded chocolates with the technical specs printed on each piece.

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